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53. Random shots

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I would like to add a few descriptions about above picture. I didn’t shot it in a grayscale mode nor have I converted it into it. In fact, it was dull afternoon. The sky was covered with black clouds. Finally rained whole afternoon. Meanwhile I aimed my camera at corrugated roof and then started experimenting with shutter speed.
I called the picture “exclamation point” as the drops of rain made it looked like an exclamation point.


Delayed synchronization

This second picture isn’t a perfect shot. However, it has remained one of my favorite. I titled it as “Delayed synchronization” because we can still see the head of first duck, while the second one dived a little further and so on.

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Author: rotochobin2014

Exploring the wondrous world of nature with a humble camera, and trying to find a way to show its beauty.

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